Pay Fixation in AP RPS 2015

Model RPS-2015 Updated on 20/07/2015(Final Updation)

Proceedings Edit and Bill Link Manual (TBR NO Sheet Range Password 123 )-Applicable

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I request to dont Call with in the School Times (7.30 AM To 5.30 PM). This time use only our Students.

I Prepared Pay Fixation in RPS-2015 Excel Programme. This Programme work at a time 500 Employees with in the DDO.

Filling Instructions 

1.All Employees with in the DDO  Fill Applicable Columns in RPS-2015  Sheet.

2. If CFMS No not avilable then Must Fill both Colums same treasury ID ( CFMS ID & Treasury ID)

3.Must Fill From Column 16 To 30 ( Applicable  )

4 IF AAS taken on or after 01/07/2013 then Fill Column From 33 To 45 others not Fill

5.If Promotion taking  on or after 01/07/2013 then Must fill in Column From 45 To 49.

6. If any leave (HPL half Pay / EOL / Surender Leave )  taken on or after 01/07/2013 Must fill in 50 To 67.

                             Working Instructions

I. Select ( L5) CFMS ID in SR Entry Sheet and then Select Filter Point ( L8 ) in the Sheet then Enter Ok tab.

II). Take Print SR Entry Copy. This is usefull To fill E-Nidhi (CFMS) & HRMS in Treasury website and also SR Entry

III).Go to Treasury website Login with your DDO code and password
  a) Select PRC Tab- > PRC Details Entry & Reports

 b) Copy Employee ID from SR Entry Column D38 in our Programme. Then Paste in Employee Code in Treasury Site

  C) Select Option Entry Form then Fill all applicable colums related to the Employee using SR Entry Sheet in Our Programme.

   d) then enter back tab -.> select PP/SP TAB FILL relevant Columns using our SR Entry Copy

    e) Select Appendix- II tab then select your file Appear Text file for the Amounts PART-I, Part-II & Part -III and then Compare with our SR Entry Sheet ( B38 To C40 )

  (i) If The Details are Match DDO server and our SR Entry Sheet then got Bill Preparation tab. Compare Pay,, DA,, HRA,, CCA, PT, CPS,  -> the Details are Match with our SR Entry Sheet (Column No D39 To G44) . Then Submit Button. TBR No Generated.

  (I observe CPS Details are not Match with our SR Entry Form). Hence I request to all CPS employees does not Submit PRC-2015 at Present time )

(ii) If the Details are not Match Appendix-II & Our SR Entry Sheet, Then Go to option Entry Tab & PP SP tab Fill another time  Carefully. Then after compare appendix-II and our SR Entry Sheet. If the Details are does not Match I observe the following errors in HRMS Software

 Identify Errors in HRMS Software in Treasury Website
1.     CPS:- In inner Sheet Generation 10 % of Sum (Pay in RPS-2015 – Pay in RPS-2010, DA in RPS-2015, DA in RPS -2010 ) is Correct. But APTC-47 Generation 10% of Sum [ Pay in RPS-2015-(Pay +DA +IR ) in RPS-2010, DA in RPS-2015] is wrong Calculation. This Problem is Solved at present
3.     Every employee (in RPS -2010 )Opt in RPS -2015 w.e.f 01-07-2013 only. Option does not discussed in G.O.Ms.No.46, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Department dated: 30.04.2015. But HRMS soft ware take two options. (i.e, either 01/07/2013 or Date of next increment before 30/06/2014) This is Applicable in Telangana State. This Problem is solved at present
4.     Does not work Date of Next increments Change either Step up Pay or Pre-ponment  after original increment Date (between 01/07/2013 to till to Date.)

5.     If either AAS or Pramotion Pay Fixation in RPS-2010 Under FR 35 (Pay fixed in Minimum Pay in theTime Scale of Pay )Does not Work. Since Increment Dates Change in RPS-2010 & in RPS-2015. In this Connection PRC Modification Tab available in Treasury Portal. This tab poup up widow does not work properly (Only Changes Drawn Particulars but Eligible Not working)
6.     Surender Leave does not taken for the Month of July-2013. At present Solved
7.     If the Employee transfer date 11/11/2014. HRA & CCA  Details fill in HRMS software then the Result From 01/11/2014 To 10/11/2014 HRA/ CCA Appear as 0. But the remain date w.e.f 11/11/2014 to till Date is Correct (This Proble arise only Transfer Middle of the Month in between 02/06/2014 To 31/03/2015)
8.     Eligible Ceiling  HRA either 15000/ or 20000 w.e.f 02/06/2014 in RPS-2015  as per G.O.Ms.No.48, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Department dated: 30.04.2015. But HRMS Pacge taking above Rs: 8000/-ceiling  other than Hyderabad in 01/06/2014 in RPS-2015
9.     Change Either Pay / HRA In the Middle of the Month between 01/07/2013 To 01/06/2014 (i.e Notional Part ) HRMS Pacge taking above Rs: 8000/-ceiling  other than Hyderabad in RPS-2015 .

If the  above errors are rectified in DDO Server then after submit the PRC-2015 relevant the Employee

IV) If TBR No generated then  TBR No copy and paste in TBR No (in D column) our Programme  and Copy  Treasury ID & CFMS ID in SR entry Sheet (D38-E38 ) and then Paste TBR No (B To C columns).

V)  The Process Continued all Employees with in the DDO Maximum 500 Employees.

VI) After TBR No Generated First Spell Employees, Details Take Print,

Formula in L5 SR Entry Sheet (= L6 )
IF  Select L6 in SR Entry then take Printouts related to TBR Generated Employees Proceedings (PRO, APTC-49,AAS An, Pro-Ann, APTC-101).

This Programme Does not work

(I) Postponement of increment due to EOL or Suspension on or after 01/07/2013

(ii) After taking one Regular  then Change Increment Dates due to Stepup / Preponement on or after 01/07/2013

(III) All Type of Leaves (HPL HP/ EOL/SL) Exceed 6 Sples leave Taken between 01/07/2013 To till Date

The above Modifications does not Update further

RPS-2015 in AP